Summer BBQ Grilling Tips

# 1 Perfect grill marks every time – 

Get your grill searing hot! Line up your meat in the same direction. Wait about 2 minutes and using your tongs rotate your meat to a 45˚ angle and allow to cook for about another 2 minutes. This will create a diagonal crosshatch. Repeat the same on the other side. Reduce heat once flipped to cook through to desired temperature or until internal safe doneness. (165°)

# 2 Start with a clean grill –

To reduce sticking and burning, it’s always a great idea to start with a clean grill. Clean your grill grates daily to rid the BBQ of loose debris and stuck on food. Using tongs and some balled up paper towel, pour some vegetable oil in a bowl, dab your balled-up paper towel into the oil and using tongs give your grill grates a little scrub with oil. Set your grill to high and let the BBQ do its magic.

# 3 Preheating and residual cooking – 

Setting your grill to high heat to start out your cooking is the only way to guarantee a perfect sear to caramelize your protein and lock in the juices. Once you have a good sear, turning off the heat on one side of your grill (the side the meat is on) and allowing the other side to continue to heat at medium to high heat and close lid. This will allow your protein to cook through without burning or over cooking – especially if you are grilling anything that is sauced! This works great for bone in chicken, chicken breast, pork, burgers and meats that are on the thicker side.

# 4 Let your meat rest – 

Resting is KEY once you have removed your protein from the grill. Place cooked items such as chicken, pork, burgers and steaks onto a platter and loosely cover with tin foil. Allow to rest for about 3 to 5 minutes. This allows all the proteins’ natural juices to redistribute in the meat resulting in juicy, flavorful meat!

Now you are set to get grilling! 😊

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